Winnerverse Phase 1: Love and Thunder

Published On - May 19, 2022
Islington College

An announcement was put forth on all social media platforms and college notice boards declaring the beginning of an entirely new competition event for the first-year students, The Winnerverse. This Marvel Cinematic Universe inspired event boasted a series of team-based competitions for participants that allowed them to apply their creativity and leadership skills to secure their victory and it was stated that it would start on the 24th of April.


First-year students on their semester break rushed to apply for the event and crowds began to flood in for the announcement session for the Winnerverse. There, they filled out the forms to be put into teams and also the first competition was shortly revealed to the audience who were waiting with anticipation. They announced the competition, ‘Love and Thunder’.

The next day, students assembled into their respective teams in the Brit and Chiya Chautari areas. The teams were divided by the organizers so there was a good possibility of members interacting with each other for the first time and this acted as a great platform to socialize with new people. But, this could also lead down to the road of noncompliance among the members resulting in their downfall. So, teamwork was the key.

More about the event, Love and Thunder had the main purpose of sparking the flame of competition, and challenge among the participants while helping them to experience the charm of working together among our Winnerverse participants. The first task involved building a tower resembling Asgard, hence the name 'The Thunder on the Tower'. The task started successfully with the sun shining brightly as teams hastily started to build their tower


Students had to learn to coordinate with their peers and be good team players and that is what they did. Soon the small bases they started with rose to impressive heights.

The next task was inspired by the worldwide sensation, ‘Squid Game’. Just like the marble game there, our students placed their bets with marbles provided to them as they competed with other teams with games of their choice. This ranged from a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to a gruelling task of who lasted longer in a challenge of push-ups.

This game named, 'The Marvel Game' presented an opportunity to our teams to show off and sharpen their negotiation skills.


It was a day full of amazing events, and all teams displayed great spirit and presented themselves as a great competition to other teams. As the first event of the Winnerverse came to an end, everyone was announced that the winners for each competition and the whole event would be announced at the end of the Winnerverse. As everyone lies in awaiting the finale, teams are already getting geared up for the next phase of the event.

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