Seize the opportunity to become part of our amazing scholarship program (International Student House & London Metropolitan University Scholarship Programme)

International Student House & London Metropolitan University Scholarship Programme;

an ING initiative that allows you to reinforce your academics and experience at an international level, courtesy of the London Metropolitan University in the UK worth Rs. 1.5 Crore, which covers the following:

Tuition Fee

Air Fare


Living Expense

100% Scholarship We provide 2 students with a full-fledged Master's Progamme Scholarship at Islington College

The Attitude, Academics and Attendance (AAA) Scholarship And now, we also provide 10% of the total students from each intake, with Undergraduate Scholarships which will be based on their Attitude, Academics and Attendance during the first year

We are proud to be able to partner with London Metropolitan University in order to provide our students of Islington College with this amazing scholarship year after year, for their continuous academic perseverance. We hope that it can be a great launch pad for their careers and professional growth as well.

International Student House & London Metropolitan University Scholarship Recipients

Shirin Shrestha

AnimeshSingh Basnet



Samir Mainali

Hritika Joshi

Pratistha Poudel

Samreen Shah



Trizan Manandhar

Arun Acharya

Sabin Nakarmi

Nishu Agarwal

Sarun Dahal

Thukten Lama



Subeksha Shrestha


Monil Adhikari

In addition to International Scholarships, we are also glad to have had a proven track record in academics with post-graduate scholarship within our own institution. We hope our assistance will inspire future generations, so that they may as well get similar opportunities to better their future.

Full Scholarship Recipients to Study MSc IT(PG) at Islington college


Shishir Subedi

2023 /24

2022 /23


Umang Bajaj

Furnima Sherpa

Gayatri Budha

Suraj Neupane

2021 /22

2020 /21

Rasila Shrestha

Komal Niraoula

Nikhil Raj Shrestha

Swarupa Gurung

2018 /19

2017 /18

Nirmal Thapa

Abhiraj Tamang

Find What Our Students Have To Say

Gave me an opportunity to carve my own path

"I am grateful to receive the scholarship opportunity from Islington College as it has opened new doors for me to pursue my further education. Receiving this scholarship has helped me become more focused and determined towards my goals. So, don't be afraid to try, you never know what opportunities are waiting for you on your way."

Rasila Shrestha
Humble beginnings to great success.

"Receiving the scholarship at Islington College Kathmandu has been an absolute honor and a major accomplishment for me. Having the reassurance that there are people who believe in me has really motivated me to work harder and strive for more. I am filled with gratitude for everyone who has supported and inspired me and Islington College for choosing me for this scholarship and the opportunities it has opened for me."

Nikhil Raj Shrestha
I chose to be a step ahead!

"I started my career with a strong background in Computing. I have since gained significant experience with my expanding project management roles as a Software Developer. I wanted to continue to expand my responsibilities and seeking my MBA would increase my future opportunities in a management role. And that was it, I got an opportunity to do my MBA with full scholarship at Islington college, and it has really helped me connect and complement my technical skills with my management skill."

Nirmal Thapa
Got a chance to leave a mark

"It was an honour to be chosen as a scholarship student for Islington College. The expectation that comes with the scholarship awardee helped me look forward to working harder and complete the degree.I will forever be grateful towards Islington college and its scholarship program for providing the learning opportunity. I really appreciate everyone who I've met at Islington College and every individual has inspired me."

Swarupa Gurung


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