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Why is it important to have more women in tech?

Published On - March 8, 2023
Islington College

IT is evolving and has become the basic necessity of the present world. But however, the industry has been predominantly male populated. Female employees make up between 47% (Netflix) and 45% (Amazon) of the total workforce at America's largest tech companies, statista indicates based on self-reported company figures. Nevertheless, there has been a gradual increase in women involvement within the past 5 - 10 years. Gender Diversity is the current need to create a more impactful and creative work environment. In this article, we shall look into different aspects of why it is important to include women in the field of technology.

Islington College recognise and celebrate the role of women in creating an inclusive world through the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.

Importance of Gender Diversity in Tech

The capability and outcome when both the genders work together is very profitable in any industry. There will be a synergy of different skills, knowledge and creativity. Business companies that respect diversity are more likely to perform financially better. In the field of tech, there is a need for different skills and different ideations which can be acquired through gender diversity.

Diverse Perspective: One of the most important reasons why it is important to have women in tech is because it brings a diverse range of perspectives in an industry. If both men and women are involved there will be variation in ideation and different ways of thinking that will help to shape and improve the product and services in the line of technology. There will be inclusion of different innovative, creative and effective solutions to any problems that may arise.

Increased Creativity: Different studies have proved that diverse teams are more creative and are better at problem-solving skills. The synergy of both women and men is always a triumph. Women bring in unique ideas to the table. Different skills and creativity are needed to bring out the best in the development of the tech product and services.

Development of balanced products: Diversity creates an environment where there is development of products and services that are beneficial to both men and women. This will help in developing useful tech products and services with greater revenue and greater market targeting everyone.

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Why need more women in tech?

Studies show that, companies with 30% female leadership have reported 6% net profit margin. Likewise, having more women in tech can encourage and foster the development of women-related tech products. While the numbers are gradually moving, we still need more women in tech.

  1. Women lead more innovative organisations: Women’s thinking capabilities bring a fresher perspective to the table as they tend to think resourcefully, logically and creatively. The percentage of women in C-suite roles as female leadership of Fortune 500 companies has increased by 10%. Their ideations are different from the common and it helps in bringing in more innovative and effective procedures.

  2. Improved Team Dynamics: Having a diverse team leads to improved and improvised team dynamics with a wide range of skills and perspective. There's a saying that women bring in strength, collaboration and communication in the work environment. This will lead to improved productivity, health and a positive working place. Practice shows that women can stabilise heated conversation and clear out any problem.

  3. Better Business Outcome: Having gender diversity thus proves efficiency and a profitable future. Many studies show that a company including women is likely to increase the profit net margin of the company. Women have shown to keep the working environment healthy and bring in smart decisions. This leads to efficient, profitable and productive business outcomes.

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