Guardian of the cyber Space

The Guardian of Cyberspace

Published On - June 10, 2022
Islington College

Everyone was now halfway through the Winnerverse but the enthusiasm remained constant. After the announcement of the Top 5 of the previous event, a hint of what the next event could be was given. A picture of a skull being outlined by a bunch of techie jargon. The hint spoke for itself and sure enough, the next event was announced as being a cybersecurity event, ‘The Guardians of Cyberspace’.

The Guardian of Cyberspace Islington College Event

The buzz was on. With how movies have portrayed hacking and all, teams were ready for the adventure. This challenge was unique from the rest. There wasn't a presentation or a development of an idea. Their intelligence and skills were to be tested.

The first task was for them to finish the Cybersecurity Lab of the Nova Labs and send in the results they received. There you had to defend a company which was at risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Team members had to strengthen the cyber defenses and thwart

Students Competing on Guardian of Cyberspace Event

the attackers by completing a series of challenges involving cybersecurity. The challenges varied from cracking passwords and crafting code. This was the first of the three tasks of ‘The Guardians of Cyberspace’.

The next two tasks were kept for the next day and the audience was hit with suspense when an exciting prize was announced for the winners of the last task. The game was on. The next day teams were seated in Kumari Hall with laptops on their laps and the tips of their fingers ready on the keyboards.

The second task was a steganography challenge. Teams had to find a piece of information hidden away in a picture they were given. A timer of 20 minutes was fired and all teams rushed to find what was hidden in the picture. One team was very prepared and as a result, they finished in only four minutes while others took their time and started completing the task around the 15-minute mark.

Finally, the last task with the winners getting an immediate prize was here. It was a quiz relating to cybersecurity and the advantage was with the team who clicked on the answer first. As the quiz fired off, teams were getting highly competitive and the atmosphere was getting louder. The mood was at an all-time high for some teams and despair loomed over some with the scoreboard being shown after each question.

The scoreboard was very dynamic. Teams fell in and out of the top 3 and it was what kept the teams focused on the goal. Everyone had a chance to recover and climb the scoreboard. With the last question of the 20 questions answered, the Top 3 of the quiz were shown. Team J had taken first place and it was told that the Top 5 would be announced next week.

Cybersecurity Events at Islington College

The prize was now awaiting Team J.

The MCU movie which had taken the world by a storm, Dr Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness, was playing in theatres and members of Team J had won themselves tickets to the show amidst the very competitive line to get the tickets in cinemas.

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